I, Too, Sing America

Adams, Bonds, Boykin, Evans, Green, Hairston, Lam, Okpebholo, Philpott, Taylor, Tom

MaKayla M. McDonald, soprano
Charles Williamson, tenor
Dana Whiteside, baritone
Julia Carey, piano

July 2021: Presented virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic

There is no plan(et) B

Domenici, Gilligan, Heggie, Lehrer, List, Palka, Porter, Simon, Sowerby, Suleiman, including world premiere by Mary Montgomery Koppel

Kathryn Frund, visual artist

Evangelia Leontis, soprano
Sonja Tengblad, soprano
Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Christina Wright-Ivanova, piano

April 2021: Presented virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sounds of Unity

Day, Russell, Key, Hall, Dunphy, Peterson, Caplan

Wes Hunter, tenor
Evangelia Leontis, soprano
MaKayla M. McDonald, soprano
Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Chelsea Whitaker, piano

November 2, 2019: Boston
November 3, 2019: Marblehead

Cross Connections: Juliana Hall

Juliana Hall, Dominick Argento, Benjamin Britten

Evangelia Leontis, Soprano
Megan Roth, Mezzo-Soprano
Laura Strickling, Soprano
Christina Wright-Ivanova, Piano

April 27, 2019: Boston
April 28, 2019: Chestnut Hill

INside OUTfluence

Fauré, Debussy, Hahn, Mantilla, Abril, Tapia, Valero, Iradier, Rorem Laitman, Rimsky-Korsakov, Berg

Bethany Noël Murray, Painter

Evangelia Leontis, Soprano
Megan Roth, Mezzo-Soprano
Clare Longendyke, Piano

November 1, 2018: Boston
November 2, 2018: Boston

Cross Connections: Tom Cipullo

Cipullo, Loesser, Schumann, Hall, Frucht, Avshalomov

Maggie Finnegan, soprano
Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
David McFerrin, baritone
Clare Longendyke, piano

April 21, 2018: Boston
April 22, 2018: Brookline

One Life Stand

Frances-Hoad, Schumann

Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Laura Mercado-Wright, mezzo-soprano
Clare Longendyke, piano

September 16, 2017: Jamaica Plain
September 17, 2017: Chestnut Hill

A collaboration with Contemporary Undercurrent of Song Project

Case, Wheeler, Frances-Hoad

Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Clare Longendyke, piano

September 9, 2017: Princeton, NJ
September 10, 2017: Moorestown, NJ

Scenes from New England

Ives, Fine, Beach, Zavracky, Wheeler, Griffith, Livingston, Beebe, Bayot, Case

Deborah Selig, soprano
Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Alex Nishibun, tenor
Clare Longendyke, piano

April 8, 2017: Boston
April 9, 2017: Chestnut Hill

In Her Words: Women's Voices in Verse & Song

Hagen, Hall, Laitman, Medina, Larsen, Spektor, Ivanova, Leoni, Luc, Kempson, Vercoe

Maggie Finnegan, soprano
Sonja Tengblad, soprano
Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Clare Longendyke, piano

October 22, 2016: Marblehead
October 23, 2016: Boston

Spirit Song: Voices Now and Hereafter

Rubinstein, Chanler, Mozart, Strauss, Clarke, Schumann, Rangström, Debussy, Hahn, Chausson, Grieg, Mendelssohn

Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Evelyn Nelson, soprano
Javier Arrebola, piano

April 1, 2016, Bloomington
April 3, 2016, Cincinnati

In Search of Adventure: Cowboys, Gypsies, and Wanderers

Larsen, Dvorak, Mozart, Ibert, Falla, Ravel, and Shore (new commission)

Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Dana Lynne Varga, soprano
Thomas Dreeze, baritone
Shiela Kibbe, piano

October 17, 2015, Bloomington
October 18, 2015, Indianapolis
November 22, 2015, Boston

Child’s Play: Songs For and About Children

Duke, Poulenc, Heggie, Ives, Bernstein, Schumann

Megan Roth, mezzo-soprano
Kim Pokin Lee, soprano
Scott Hogsed, baritone
Paul Pisano, piano

February 28, 2015, Bloomington
March 29, 2015, Indianapolis


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