We would like to thank all of you who have so graciously donated to Calliope’s Call!

  • Angels ($2000+)
    Andrea Mattisen-Haskins & Woodie Haskins
    Peter McKinney
    Vivian Nash & Jeffrey Sklar
  • Sponsors ($1000-$1999)
    Tabernacle Presbyterian Music Ministry
    Maria van Kalken and the Music Committee at Old North Church
  • Patrons ($500-$999)
    Mary Brody
    Cerise Jacobs
    Naomi Krasner
    Adam McLean
    Megan Roth
  • Supporters ($250-$499)
    Cathleen Cameron
    Christopher Cook
    Arthur & Catherine Coviello
    Jonathan and Miah Michaelsen
    Barbara Roth
  • Enthusiasts ($100-$249)
    Ruth Albright
    David Arnold
    Richard Carr
    Davida Carvin
    Clifford Colnot
    Shane Coyle
    Thomas Dreeze
    Melissa Dulla
    Paul & Rita Finnegan
    Stephen & Barbara Fulghum
    Beth Gurney
    Juliana Hall
    Mary Alice Cox & Jim Koch
    David Lawton, given in honor of Peter McKinney's 86th birthday
    Michelle Louer
    Amanda Matson
    Vivian Nash, given in honor of Peter McKinney's 86th birthday
    Jesi Nishibun
    George Pinney
    Lauren Wood-Radcliffe
    Kenneth Roberson
    Charles Schultz
    David Sims
    Eliot Smith
    Jennifer Sparks
    Susan Swaney
    Fontaine Syer
    Barbara Vance
    Dana Varga
    Scott Wheeler
    Robert Williams
  • Friends ($50-$99)
    Wynne Armand
    Emilian Badea
    Paul & Karen Barker
    Donna & Josh Breitzer
    Delvyn Case
    Robert Evans
    Mary Ann Hart
    Solmaz Kafi
    Abby Lee
    Margot Rood
    Aaron Stalnaker
    Harmonia Vocal Studio
    Wanda Yang Temko
    Sonja Tengblad
    Carol Watson
  • Fans ($25-$49)
    Phil DiLavore
    Dustin Francis
    Elsa Lichman
    Laura A. Logan
    Meena Malik
    David Mindlin
    Kimberly Moller
    Sarah Moyer
    Myrna Offen
    Brittany Palmer
    Mellisa Roberts
    Carol Sheingold
    Catherine Smith

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Andrea Mattisen-Haskins & Woodie Haskins, Vivian Nash, Peter McKinney, Maria van Kalken, Sara Garrard, Old North Church Marblehead and Old West Church for generously hosting our season three concerts.